Our Focus, Our Vision, Our Future

Our Focus

At WAV Inspection, we work with our clients to provide measured NDE solutions principally for the Oil and Gas, Power Generation, and Pulp and Paper sectors. Our ideal is to establish long term relationships built on trust with clients through our knowledgeable and experienced employees.

Our backbone is our employees. When you call WAV to discuss your inspection criteria, you are assured a skilled technician proficient in your criteria and varying inspection approaches to your needs. Our NDE technicians are certified to Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Level 2 or better for many disciplines.

We also provide NACE and API qualified personnel to ensure our clients get what they need, as we continue to promote continuing education amongst our employees. We deal with defects every day, trend them, and analyze technologies that will make us better at our applied science.

Our Vision

We also envision supporting communities in a positive manner to substantiate what we believe and to retain our humility as a company. The result, currently, has been the inclusion of highly experienced NDE employees that believe in WAV and what we represent as a company.

We have been diligent in our attempt to provide clients with the best service available. Those services are NDE-based, but carry a broad base of interacting services for support, recommendations, code compliance and documentation. We know our business well; applying it in the best possible methods is our vision.

There are many avenues that progress can take us. We accept the challenges and ply the investigations as we study the pertinence to our applications. Much of the advancement we predict in the future apply to software. This is why we have incorporated an Information Technologies department to keep us prepared for the new generations of NDE sciences and applications on the horizon.

Training for the Future

We are a proud supporter of the continuing education NDE “Foundations” program as an employer of graduates that have seen the texts, but require the experiences. Because our hiring practices focus on those with an inherent desire to learn and push themselves further, our employees embrace the opportunity to further their knowledge base.

This knowledge is imparted on our assistants who are challenged to utilize the resources bestowed upon them in the form of our mentoring program as well as our training resources. These resources include visual aids, books, texts, equipment, various examination specimens and, coming soon, classroom training.

One particular source of immense pride for us is the ongoing feedback we receive from instructors of the various training organizations we send our personnel to. The praise for the individuals’ work ethic and leadership makes us feel confident that we’re moving in the right direction with our employees.

Endless Possibilities in Technology

We move forward continuing our investment in software design and implementation. We currently employ 3 full-time software developers in addition to various outsourced engineers as we strive to take our company to the next level.

Our ambition is for software implementation to occur in every aspect of our business from office activities (invoicing, dispatching, document control, health & safety, etc) to the field where tablet applications provide our technical staff a platform to succeed in meeting the most rigorous reporting guidelines.

In addition to software we have a keen interest in equipment design. We are involved in laser/photogrammetry research and development, UT & RT developments, amongst other fascinating disciplines.

This is where our new facility currently under construction comes in, providing us the infrastructure and space to continue in our current and future endeavours.